With the development of my country’s economy, polyurethane prepolymers are widely used in many fields because of their own performance advantages, especially in many fields such as polyurethane adhesives, coatings, elastomers, foams and fibers. Because the material itself is difficult to obtain dense and few steps by simple atmospheric sintering, you can rely on special technological means to reduce the sintering temperature of the cast polyurethane prepolymer. Let’s briefly understand it based on the introduction in the text.

Hot pressing is to improve powder plasticity under high temperature conditions. It has the characteristics of low molding pressure, low deformation resistance, high product magic, and excellent microstructure. Because the hot pressing sintering process can be used to reduce the sintering temperature of boron carbide. Studies have shown that boron carbide ceramics have excellent comprehensive performance under the conditions of sintering temperature of 2000-2100℃ and hot pressing of 30-40Mpa, the relative density can reach 92%-98%, and the bending strength can reach 400-500Mpa